The Church in Gisborne


In the Church Life

Praise the Lord! I meet with the church in Gisborne and have not been in the church life for very long. I was saved and baptized in 1997. Before then I lived in Lower Hutt for about 16 years. In November 1996 I was made redundant from my job. Instead of looking for another job in Lower Hutt, I decided to move back to my home town of Gisborne where most of my family live.

I was encouraged by my sister, who has been in the church life for quite a few years, to go with her to one of the church meetings; it was a Lord’s Table meeting. I really touched the Lord! Since then, praise the Lord, I believe that God has added a little bit of His golden nature into my being. Hallelujah! Since being in the church life I have been to quite a few conferences, trainings and camps. I was quite nervous and shy at first but now I feel confident to participate in and enjoy all the meetings. Praise the Lord for the building up in the Body of Christ on the earth today, consummating in God’s ultimate goal, the New Jerusalem.   J. M.

We Can Call on the Name of the Lord

Ten years ago I had a visit from my aunt. She was also a member of the church in Wellington.  She spoke to me concerning the Lord’s name-how powerful and meaningful it is. She shared how we can actually call on His name to touch Him and experience His riches (Rom. 10). Through my aunt’s testimony I experienced the Lord deep within by calling on His name.

I am very thankful that she spoke to me and as a result I entered into the church in Gisborne. At present I am enjoying with all the other believers the truth concerning the Lord’s good pleasure which is the New Jerusalem.     L. W


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